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RadioActive – the short film/Pilot

The short film above is an introduction to the world of RadioActive, a 10 min prelude to the full movie. A Scandinavian action film to be produced by Hungry Hippo Productions and partners.

What’s is RadioActive the full movie about…… When Kristoffer travels up to Stockholm from his home in a sleepy sea side village in Skåne in the South of Sweden to be with Isabelle, a mysterious girl he hardly knows but is never the less madly in love with, he hopes to have a weekend that he will never forget with her. But unfortunately for Kristoffer he has chosen the wrong weekend to visit her – she has a huge problem. Her brother Eric is in a lot of trouble and he needs her help.

Eric is a gifted fighter who has allowed himself to be recruited into a series of very brutal cage fighting events organised by a group of criminal gangs. But Eric has had enough of fighting. Sickened by what he has seen and been a part of and this weekend he has decided to drop out of what would have been the fight of his life. The gang he fights for are not happy and they want revenge on Eric.

The gang’s leader, an old school gangster called Randolph, is in no mood for mercy. He is a man who is already under immense pressure both from rival gangs and from people within his own organisation who no longer respect him. He desperately needs to find Eric and make an example of him.

Soon Isabelle and Kristoffer will be the only ones standing in his way ……..